Who We Are

Who We Are

The backbone of any company is its leadership and that is certainly true for WBR. Managing a successful accounting services firm that serves the needs of its clients while maintaining a positive and supportive workplace is the cornerstone of our company and we do that by combining an impressive depth of experience and technical knowledge with well-honed leadership and customer service skills.

“Life is all about relationships, and business is no different. Really connecting with clients and understanding how they tick, what their priorities are, and how best to serve them is critical to being a valued business partner. On the flip side, providing our teams with a culture that is supportive, respectful and rewarding is equally critical to the success of developing those client relationships. Without our clients, we have no one to serve. Without our team members, we have no one to carry out our mission. Both have to have equal attention and commitment from our leadership.”

Meet Our Managing Director

LiAnne Mattheney has been in leadership roles in accounting and finance for over two decades. Having started her career in public accounting with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a CPA and auditor, she went on to manage accounting teams for companies like Apple and Kaiser Permanente and consult on projects for a number of high profile clients including amfAR, LucasFilm Ltd. and UC Davis. But she doesn’t just have Fortune 500 company experience – she’s also had extensive experience working with smaller clients in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, in a wide range of industries. Along the way, Ms. Mattheney has created a network of professionals who, like her, share a vision of client service that goes well beyond the basics. Putting together a team that understands client needs and is adept at delivering solutions that work, WBR is built on a solid culture that consistently upholds its commitment to both clients and staff.

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