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Let's face it, accounting isn't for everyone. It's time consuming, detail-oriented work that needs doing, and it needs to be done right. Getting your transactional activity recorded correctly is the key to knowing how your business is really doing.  Which products or services are profitable (and more importantly, which ones aren't!)? What does cash flow really look like and how can it be improved? Are you ready for tax time? And how will you prepare for that upcoming audit?

Utilizing QuickBooks Online's suite of products, our team provides the accounting expertise needed to ensure these tasks are accomplished in a timely, effective and efficient manner. Services provided under this umbrella include bill payments to your vendors, payment processing from your customers, journal entries, all month-end clean up and financial statement preparation. Our accountants are all QuickBooks Pro Certified. 

Rate: $95/hour


Ensuring your employees are paid correctly, on time, and in compliance with all federal, state and local payroll tax regulations is critical. Readily available, actionable insights regarding employee compensation costs and trends are also key to the success of any business. Processing and tracking what is often the largest cost of doing business is no simple matter. As an addition to our Monthly Accounting Services package, we offer full on-line payroll support.

Rate: $110 per hour + subscription cost per employee*

*Cost per employee is dependent on the level of Quickbooks Online payroll subscription required.


Putting together an annual budget can be a monumental task. Understanding the ebb and flow of your business, looking ahead to trends in your industry, changes in your competition, challenges in your labor force - these and other factors should be taken into consideration when preparing a budget that will help to guide your business decisions and the direction of your company. Without it, companies are flying blind. 

We have the depth of experience to ask the right questions, review your historical activity and help form a budget that provides a road map that matches your company intentions. 

Rate: $150 per hour


Execution matters — are your business processes standing in the way of success?  Do you have the right number of staff doing the right jobs? Are your workflows efficient? Do your workflows result in the best product/service possible? Are your teams spending too much time on processes that provide little or no value? All of these inefficiencies come at a cost and, often, the cost is a lot higher than you realize. 

Whether your organization is changing as a result of growth or downsizing, or you're in need of guidance for processes you recognize just aren't working, we have experienced process improvement specialists who will work with you to identify problem areas and recommend solutions that make sense for your specific business. 

Rate: $175 per hour


There are times in every business life cycle when experienced finance and accounting guidance is needed.  Perhaps you are considering a merger.  Or you’ve decided it’s time to put your policies and procedures in writing.  Maybe you’ve decided your organization needs restructuring.  Whatever the task, we can help.  We have the depth of experience to bring invaluable expertise to the problem at hand.

Rate: $200 per hour